List of Publications

♦ Academic/Research:

Anti-Racist Collective (April 2021) AR-Chat – keskustelua antirasismista. In S. Keskinen, M. Seikkula, & F. Mkwesha (Eds.) Rasismi, valta ja vastarinta (pp. 22-44). Publisher: Gaudeamus. [Book chapter contributor]

Salleh-Hoddin, A. (2020) At what cost? – the politics of anti-racism activism on social media. Presented in “Contesting Racism, Decolonizing Media: Anti-Racism Media Activism Across the North-South Divide” workshop at Development Days 2020: Inequality Revisited: In Search of Novel Perspectives on an Enduring Problem. Helsinki, Finland [Conference presentation]

Salleh-Hoddin, A., Ruotsalainen, N., & Seikkula, M. (2019) Solidarity: positionalities, power, and possibilities. Workshop at 16th ETMU Conference. Tampere, Finland. [Conference workshop]

Salleh-Hoddin, A. (2017) Academic underachievement of Malays in Singapore: a socio-psychological perspective. [Master’s Thesis]

Salleh-Hoddin, A. (2016) Can we stop talking about the hijab already?! Presented at the 13th ETMU Days: Gendered Mobilities. Joensuu, Finland. [Conference presentation]

Sakilayan-Latvala, M., Nylund, M. & Salleh-Hoddin, A. (2015) Social work and integration of migrants: mainstreaming Qutomo project’s culture and gender sensitive integration model. European Conference for Social Work Research. [Conference Paper]

Salleh-Hoddin, A. & Pedersen, A. (2012) Experiences of discrimination by Muslim Australians and protective factors for integration. The Australian Community Psychologist, 24 (2). pp. 43-58.

♦ As Research Assistant:

Al-Sharmani, Mulki (2017) Gender Justice and Legal Reform in Egypt: Negotiating Muslim Family Law. IB Tauris.

♦ Others:

Salleh-Hoddin, A., Pirih, T., & Kiiskilä, E-L., (August 2021) Tackling Discrimination: Schools Act For Equal Rights (SAFER) – My Learning Diary, Publisher: Rauhankasvatusinstituutti (Finland)

OSCE/ODIHR (2018) Coalition Building for Tolerance and Non-Discrimination: a Practical Guide. Warsaw, Poland: OSCE/ODIHR. [Contributor]