Speaking Engagements

{Keynote} What can we do to promote antiracism activities?
University of Helsinki
Online / Finland
May 24, 2022

{Speaker} Why We Matter
Online / Finland
May 18, 2022

{Speaker} Social Justice in Times of Multiple Crises 
Global Bildung & Education – Finnish Development NGOs (Fingo)
Online / Finland
April 8, 2022

{Workshop presenter} SAFER: Tackling Hate Speech and Discrimination in Schools
XII International Education and Early Childhood Education Days
National Board of Education (Finland)
Online / Finland
November 12-13, 2020

{Seminar keynote} Why Do “We” Hate? – Resisting Racism
Masters in Social Exclusion (Åbo Akademi)
Turku, Finland
May 16, 2019

{Training} Intersectionality: interreligious dialogue and antiracism
Yale Divinity School Interfaith Club
New Haven, Connecticut, USA
March 29, 2019

{Guest lecture} Racism in Nordic Countries
Finnish Study Program & The Nordic Society at Columbia University
New York City, New York, USA
March 26, 2019

{Speaker} Perspectives on education for democratic citizenship and human rights education: challenges and possibilities in Finland
Human Rights, Democracy, Values and Dialogue in Education -project, Teachers Can! -project & ALL-YOUTH -project (University of Helsinki)
Helsinki, Finland
March, 14, 2019

{Speaker} Social Inclusion and Combating Hate Speech
Helsinki, Finland
April 12, 2018

{Speaker} UNITED Ohrid Conference: Tell Us Your Story
UNITED for Intercultural Action
Ohrid, Macedonia
October 28, 2016

{Speaker} Civil Institutions and their Role in Enhancing the Concepts of Coexistence and Tolerance
Symposium: Promoting Coexistence and Tolerance in Finnish Society
Helsinki, Finland
October 2016