About Me

A social psychologist by training, I have experience in research on education for the ethnic Malay-Muslim minority in Singapore, worked on gender- and culture-sensitive integration issues in Finland, and with youths on anti-racism and interfaith education in Australia and Finland. In addition, I am the co-founder and chair of the Anti-Racist Forum in Finland, and an international activist for Muslim-Jewish relations. In 2018, I was awarded the title “Global Educator of Year” by the Teachers Without Borders network in Finland for my global and peace education work.

In 2019, I was elected as the vice-chair of the board of the European Network Against Racism. I also started my doctoral studies in sociology at the University of Helsinki as part of the research team working on the project “Intersectional Border Struggles and Disobedient Knowledge in Activism“, particularly on the topic of racial equality data, currently funded by the Academy of Finland.

In 2020, I was selected to be part of the inaugural cohort of the Obama Foundation Leaders Europe programme.

I work as a freelance anti-racist educator and trainer for inclusive, equal, intercultural and interfaith education, and I am part of the European pool of trainers and experts who can provide quality trainings and tools for youth workers and educators to recognise, manage and transform hate speech in their everyday work with young people.

My full profile is available on LinkedIn: https://fi.linkedin.com/in/amiirah
My researcher profile is available here: https://researchportal.helsinki.fi/en/persons/amiirah-salleh-hoddin